Weaving Binding Payakumbuh

Pekerja sedang bertenun kain songket tradisional Minang Kabau

The resulting work was so valuable, not less time he needs to produce a fabric that songket. But nothing compared with the wages he received from the middleman. for a fabric woven with certain motifs, he was only getting 200-300 thousand. One type of woven fabric takes approximately 20-30 days. Means that one day they were only on the wages of around 10 thousand, while the standard of the western Sumatran Regional Minimum Wages range from $ 2 per day .. indeed such a moment sufficient Sad to remote areas in the village. After the result of weaving / songket so, then they will sell to collectors and appreciate cheap, while the mediator or the distributor will resell to reap much profit many times over … huuufh .. its strange how this country ..

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